Our Mission

The American Armenian National Security Institute (AANSI) is dedicated to educating Congressional, military and civilian national security decision-makers on American defense and strategic interests, primarily in the South Caucasus, the cornerstone of which is an anticipated robust American Armenian security cooperation agreement.  AANSI believes that a strong Armenian military with a correspondingly invigorated national security posture is the best guarantor of peace and the maintenance of democratic values in one of the most contentious and volatile parts of the world, where the primary actors – Russia, Iran, Turkey and Azerbaijan, are battling for regional hegemony.


Our Objectives:

AANSI envisions a day where American and Armenian security interests coalesce and are mutually reinforcing in the South Caucasus. To do so, requires the passionate involvement and commitment of the time and resources of Americans of all walks of life, to include American Armenians and the Diaspora, at large.  Those immediate objectives are: 

First: To educate Americans as to significance and importance of a strong democratic Armenia to 

American security interests and Armenia’s continued efforts to arrest international terrorism.

Second: To empower Armenia to protect its hard-won sovereignty and independence as a thriving democracy.

Third: To encourage the development, resourcing and the implementation of a strategy of deterrence against regional aggression insured by a vigorous and technologically superior Armenian military.

Fourth: To empower Armenia to forge a coherent and supportable military strategy to confront the existential threat to the security of its people and the preservation of its history, culture and national identify.

Fifth: To look to the United States and NATO as resources for military training, tactics, and equipment.

Sixth: To facilitate the exchange of American and Armenian military leadership to include attendance at seminars, symposia, and senior military colleges. 

Sixth: To ensure that the Armenian civilian leadership is always prepared and able to exercise competent and skillful authority over its military within a thriving democracy that is Armenia.

Seventh: AANSI provides information, analyses and assistance to the defense establishment, the administration, Congress, the media, and AANSI members.


Our Programs:

  • The Generals and Admirals Exchange Program to Armenia
  • The National “Support the Defenders of Armenia Sovereignty” Conference in Washington, D.C.
  • Draft a U.S./Armenia Military Study Program for both junior and senior military officers
  • AANSI Publications

In Summary: AANSI deals today with those issues that will impact upon American and Armenian national security tomorrow.

Our People

Major Gen. MacCarley

President and Chief Executive Officer

Appo Jabarian