Appo Jabarian

Appo Jabarian is a political commentator and analyst with a focus on the Middle East, Eastern Mediterranean and Caucasus regions, a public speaker, an Award-Winning Publisher, a writer, a TV/newspaper commentator, a multilingual community relations specialist and a professional actor. He reads, writes, and speaks fluently five languages and is conversational in three more.


He is the Founding President of H.Y.E. (High Yield Ethnic) Media Group. Since its founding in 1984, HYE Media has been instrumental in helping diverse local and national clients corporate/business, municipal, county, state and federal governmental entities achieve their Community Outreach objectives in diverse ethnic media markets and communities.


Jabarian is also the Founding Executive Publisher and Managing Editor of Award-Winning independent English-language USA Armenian Life Magazine and Armenian-language Hye Kiank Armenian Weekly.

Jabarian serves as political advisor to a number of political leaders and organizations.  Also, as a grassroots political activist for more than 40 years, Appo Jabarian has broad experience in multi-ethnic media marketing and community organizing in minority communities on several continents.


Recently, Jabarian was appointed as an Advisory Board member of the Committee for U.S. International Broadcasting (CUSIB) advocating the further strengthening of Voice of America foreign service. Previously, in 2010, he served on Los Angeles Mayor’s 2010 U.S. Census Steering Committee. He has also worked closely with the U.S. Census Agency leaders assisting them to achieve the stated goals.


Jabarian is an active member of several civic, professional, and educational organizations such as Washington DC-based National Press Club (NPC), Los Angeles Press Club (LAPC), Screen Actors Guild – American Federation of Television and Radio Artists (SAG-AFTRA) and Alliance Française among others.


He is a recipient of several awards and commendations from a wide range of organizations and elected officials, including Ellis Island Medal of Honor (2016); CA Supreme Court Justice Arabian Leaders in Community Service Award (2016); City of Los Angeles Mayor and City Council’s Certificate of Commendation (2009); Visual Artists Guild Award (2008);  Republic of Armenia’s Prime Minister’s Recognition Certificate (1998);  Republic of Lebanon’s Foreign Minister’s Certificate of Accomplishment (2017);  Russian Academy of Nat’l Science’s Cert. of Crown and Eagle Medal of Honor (2012);  A Hero of 2019 (by Category: Investigative Journalism (2019);  Best of Glendale 2020 Award, Category: Newsmagazine Publisher (2020) .

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